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Epicure+ Epicureweb Pack
management of contracts and purchasing groups

Epicure +


Epicure+ allows you to manage your contracts from A to Z (from the statement of needs to awarding). Our software integrates Cerbère+ module that guarantees interoperability with hospital providers thanks to its data exchange format.


The software is completed with the EpicureWeb functional offer to allow complete management of your purchasing group


Advantages of Epicure+ / EpicureWeb Pack

Epicure+ software is installed as a thick-client on the server of the coordinating or support institution.

Only Epicureweb database is accessible for sharing data and information by the participating or adhering institutions

This architecture makes it possible to evolve towards purchasing groups functionalities by completing the existing Epicure+ with EpicureWeb platform without however swinging on total SaaS

Functional perimeter

Contract form

Allows you to define all management and regulatory points of your contratc


Definition of lots - Processing of notices and technical annexes - taking into account specific business codifications


Several quantification modes (standard, mini/maxi or with dates of participation)

The quantification can be carried out on EpicureWeb directly by the institutions member of the purchasing group.

Contract files and .cmp release

Generation of contract documents through merging functionnalities.

 In order to guarantee interoperability with suppliers, the .Cmp file can be prepared thanks to the integrated Cerbère+ module.

Automatic integration of price offer

The Cerbère+ module guarantees automatic integration of price offers 

Thus eliminating time-consuming data entry

Criteria notation

You define criteria and their weighting, then you choose if you want a collective work on the notation of these criteria

This collaborative work can be done on Cerbère

Ranking of candidates

The software will generate the ranking automatically:  from the bid amounts, your selected rating of this amount as well as the other selection criteria


The awarding phase defines which lot is assigned to which supplier

Closing / Renewal

End of contract cycle and preparation of either new contract to restart or current contract renewal.


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