Hospital purchasers

SaaS at the service
of your public contracts and hospital purchasing groups


A management of your contracts shared and perfectly integrated in the purchase process of the various National, Regional and Territorial Hospital Purchasing Operators.

e-Epicure allows you to manage your public contracts from requirement definition to awarding with role and data sharing within your purchasing structure.

e-Epicure solution
logiciel eEpicure, une solution interopérable dans la gestion de vos consultations et groupements hospitaliers

eEpicure pros

An interoperable solution

High value added on the management of large volumes

Expertise in purchasing coordination

Data processing 


INTERFACES : interoperability at your service


The purpose of the interfaces between Pharmatic software and other management tools (IS) is to allow transferring data from one information system to another without re-entry.

eEpicure therefore offers interfaces with MarcoWeb, hospital’s ERP and some SIHA (GHT’s purchase information system).

We must consider that the interfaces consist of 2 half-interfaces, one for each editor.

Each publisher exports or integrates data into its IS on the basis of formats defined between each party.

Commonly exchanged data are related to

      1. The definition of contract

      2. The allotment

      3. The result of the contract 

Functional perimeter

Definition of repositories

Definition of repositories

Regional data

Price offers management

Price offers management

Automatic integration (Cerbère format, interoperability with suppliers)

Criteria notation

Offer Analysis


Definition of needs

Definition of needs

Purpose of the contract

Purchasing group Management


Identification of quantity and sample needs

Definition of the rating criteria



Awarding lots to suppliers

Allocation of contract numbers

Editing of notification documents

Transfer to ERP

Merging and Writing Tools

Merging and Writing Tools

Direct mail consultation for drafting the various public contracts official documents

Generation of a zip for the supplier with documents and catalog of digital needs

Mails for awarding or refusal

Statistics and reports

Statistics and reports

Allotment evolution

List of suppliers

Balance sheet

Multi-consultation requests


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