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Pharmatic / Europharmatic

Pharmatic / Europharmatic are publishers specialized in designing and distributing softwares for management of hospital public contracts and price offers.

Strongly established in the hospital environment (900 Health institutions), Pharmatic consolidates its progress in terms of digital exchanges and management of National and Regional Purchasing Groups as well as Territorial Hospital Groups.

On the industrial side, EuroPharmatic, already benefiting from a large national representation (2000 Industrial), continues to expand internationally.

1 150
Hospital Customers
2020 turnover
2 000
Pharmaceutical suppliers

Sectors and fields of activity

Hospital purchasers

Territorial Hospital Groups / Purchasing organizations / Purchasing Groups

Pharmatic offers, in France and abroad, a complete range of software dedicated to the management of public contracts, thanks to eEpicure range of products in SaaS mode. It meets the needs of all Purchasing Groups as well.

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Pharmaceutical suppliers

Europharmatic offers in France and abroad a complete range of EurydiceWeb software in SaaS mode dedicated to the dematerialized response to Hospital public contracts.
The EurydiceWeb products range enables monitoring and statistical analysis of public contracts data within the Contracts department. It allows the optimization of sales forces  management as well.

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Our philosophy

Addressing key players in the field of healthcare procurement in France and abroad, we support them for purchase management with eEpicure and for optimization of industrial response procedures with EurydiceWeb.

Managing and operating a real database.

Pharmatic / EuroPharmatic offer advanced solutions, based on data exchange, interoperability of systems (ERP, dematerialization platforms) and especially the automation of data integration processes.

Interoperability and connection

Our public contracts management software allows to completely connect the Hospital Institutions to the Pharmaceutical Suppliers through 2 essential functions:
Digitization and automated integration (catalog of needs, documented price offer, results)
Interoperability of these software with health sector management systems (hospital and suppliers ERP)

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How our solutions
meet the challenges of your contracts

Pharmatic and Europharmatic offer you a complete range of software allowing you to work either in SaaS or Client Server modes, thus covering the needs of both actors of the chain: Hospital and Supplier


The specialist in SaaS mode of consultation management and purchasing groups.

e-Epicure offers a management of your contracts both shared and perfectly integrated into the purchase steering process of the various purchasing operators at National, Regional and Territorial levels.

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EURYDICE in SaaS mode.

For a fluid and mobile management of the price offers catering the needs of both hospital public contracts and private health actors.




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    Software managing contracts in thick-client mode.

    Epicure + is completed with EpicureWeb and Cerbère +
    This pack allows back and forth exchanges between coordinator and members within the framework of purchasing group, as well as with suppliers.

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    Your online dematerialized response tool to public contracts.

    Managing CMP & CRY exchange formats.

    Catalog of needs integration, input of price offer and digitization in Cerbère format.

    Multi-user accounts allowed by company.

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