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Ach@t Solutions is the only group in the market that carries out 100% of its activity on Public Contracts solutions.

The independent Group (majority owned by its operating managers) has a consolidated annual turnover of more than € 21,15 million excluding taxes and has more than 164 employees, all exclusively dedicated and specialized in the management of procurement and public contracts.

The Ach@t Solutions Group, which is growing steadily, has a solid financial sustainability.

All of which guarantees you a partner who will be there tomorrow to accompany you in the evolutions of the profession of public purchaser.


The Ach@t Solutions Group currently has 4 subsidiaries

Publisher of the software packages Epicure and Eurydice, Pharmatic equip 75% of the players in the field of hospital contracts. In the Global Top 20 Pharmaceutical Manufacturers 18 have already trusted us for the French or European market

Publisher since 1989 of the public markets management software MarcoWeb, which equips 1,500 communities and public institutions, ie 15,000 users.

AWS (Avenue Web Systèmes) is the publisher specialized for dematerialization since 2002 with the AWS software suite, which aims to provide the foundation for an integrated procurement information system with a dual "buyer" focus. on the one hand, and "provider" on the other hand, in an architecture in ASP mode.

Publisher of software package dedicated to the management and steering of public purchases, which equips 450 communities and public institutions, ie 7000 users.


Our Group offers

2 transversal offers dedicated to public purchasing department


The first national scale free platform putting in relation public contractors and suppliers, intended to accelerate the purchase-sale cycle.


AP2A assists public institutions and companies that respond to calls for tenders, topics are regulations, organization and practices of public procurement. Recognized expert for its intra training activity, AP2A has strengthened its development by providing legal training and consulting services.