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Eurydice is present on the hospital public contracts field for 20 years, created by a professionals for professionals, Eurydice has been adopted by most of major players in healthcare system.

Building on this success, we continue our evolution and propose a full web version with EurydiceWeb.

Largely adopted in France, Eurydice also continues to expand internationally.

Implemented jointly with the requests for evolution gathered by our Users Club (AUEE Association for both hospital and pharmaceutical suppliers), our solutions are part of the overall process of hospital purchase and in the processing of large volumes:

  • End-to-end link from hospital ERP to supplier ERP (automation of exchanges).
  • Fine contract analysis and optimization for both the client and the suppliers (statistics and histories).

Ils l'utilisent déjà !

They are already using it!

More than 2 000 companies (pharmaceutical suppliers, medical devices manufacturers, food distributors, food services, wholesalers ...) already trust us and use the software packages of the Eurydice range. Join them

OrphéeWeb Module

Orphee Web is a module for exchanges between EurydiceWeb and sales forces


Mobile application, it allows to transmit, track and modify a price offer dossier at different hierarchical levels to assure the quality of response. A true performance tool, it assures your sales force of having all EurydiceWeb data for the smooth running of your response process.


  • Native transmission of files to the right sales persons via sectorization
  • Capture the latest competitive information in the process
  • Avoid rekeying errors or data transmission problems
  • Allows you to control the team response timing
  • Control and alerts by workflows


Price offers import module

EuryExcel module is a specific data import option that allows the user to create or modify offers via Excel.

  • Importing large dossiers (numerous lots and/or products references)
  • Easy management of copy/paste of product references via Excel
  • Sharing a work file between managers and salespersons
  • Creating a price validation workflow


Eurydemat Module

EuryDEMAT is a specific connector to dematerialization platforms.

It allows sending information and files associated with a dossier on EurydiceWeb.

EurydiceWeb functional perimeter

Dossiers Management

A dossier full cycle driven by workflows:
  • Creation, allotment
  • Printing, merging and Electronic Document Management (EDM)
  • Management of specimens
  • input and management of results and allocations
  • Multi-competition entry
  • Simplified management of renewals or subsequent contracts
  • Manage Epicure files in Cerbère format (.cmp / .cry)


  • More efficient work by customizable prioritization of treatment
  • Visualization of ongoing renewals
  • Control of price duplicates
  • Elimination of low added value tasks
  • Direct access to contracts and competition historical data

Customer Management

As close as possible to your customer portfolio
  • Consultation of the customer base and quick search of a customer
  • Quick access to customer's histories for consulting valid contract prices
  • Customer files contain administrative information, all contacts of the institution, attachment to purchasing groups and territorial groups, sectorization for linking with the sales forces
  • Historical analysis: behaviors, work in progress ...
  • Customizable sectorization levels
  • Contact Management


  • Analysis of customer behaviors and habits through historical records
  • Analysis of current work in progress with the client before formulating a new offer
  • Analysis of product / group relationship
  • Can be synchronized with your ERP

Products Management

  • Quick product database consulting and searching
  • Products histories for contract price analysis
  • Product files contain products details and descriptions
  • Management of current and future tariffs, floor prices
  • Marketing withdrawal and replacement products
  • Management of scales for quantitative discounts
  • Attachment to families and management of "generic" products that represent an entire product family


  • Easy product choice through classification
  • Automatic visual alerts on floor prices
  • Automatic applying of pricing policies
  • Link product / technical documentation
  • Management of products substitution
  • Product files can be synchronized with your ERP

Purchasing Groups Management

Finest analysis of purchasing groups
  • Constitution of generic groupings and GHT
  • Group(s) attachment and management of membership dates
  • Full exploitation of the distribution of quantities and results by contract
  • Management at the finest to award the right price to the right customer, whether it is individual, groups or GHT dossiers.
  • The purchasing group is configurable by dossier to be able to manage the members participations and the expression of each member independently


  • Management of entry and exits dates for all members of the group
  • Distribution and quantity management
  • Management of participation dates
  • Fine analysis of the best price to offer


Complementary modules

Various modules to extend functionalities
  • Multi-competition: allows to manage several competitors on the same product in case of multiple attribution
  • Quantities breakdown: Entering the participation dates, distributing the results in purchasing group dossiers
  • Sectorization: Allows you to assign dossiers by sector / product range
  • Price transefer: Allows awarded prices to be sent to ERP
  • EuryExcel: Allows to Import / Export offers in Excel format
  • EuryStat: Allows you to create custom statistics
  • EuryDemat: Connector with dematerialization platforms


  • Time and reliability benefits through awarded prices input
  • Easy communication with response teams
  • Fine management of performance by sectors
  • Fine knowledge of the market
  • Advanced and personalized analysis


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