Our business

Our business: help the “contract actors “, hospital complexes and suppliers, in their computerized management of procurement contracts thanks to a range of professional softwares:Epicure + and Eurydice.

Our tools allow every contract manager to manage and to handle a real “contracts” data base and to master the various phases of processes.

Our means: dynamic technical and commercial teams, customer driven, involved in participating to our user groups, attentive to legal and technological evolutions susceptible to be processed.

Our objectives: favor the transparency and the reliability of the hospital contracts processing. This by proposing advanced solutions based on data exchange, the interoperability of the various systems (GEF, ERP, platforms of dematerialization) and especially the automation of the processes of integration around Cerbere module.

From 2002, following the wills of the French legislator for dematerialization of the contract procedures, we set up the first models of digital exchanges and software solutions of integration organized around the Cerbere module.

Today our software for tenders’ management allows to completely connect hospital complexes to pharmaceutical suppliers. This is made through 3 essential functions:

    1. the digitalization and automatic integration of the data in Cerbere format (catalog of needs, price offer, result),
    2. the interoperability of these softwares with the various management systems of the health sector (hospitals and suppliers ERP),
    3. the perfect compatibility with the trusted third parties and dematerialization platforms via specialized connectors (In France : AchatPublic.com, Omniklès, Adhesium, etc.).

Between Epicure and Eurydice, between the hospital and the supplier, Cerbere thus plays a role of leading integrator in the French hospital scene.