Pharmatic offers Hospitaller centers, regardless of size, a full range of software (software) for Windows PC, dedicated to the economic and qualitative management of tenders, as well as an exchange and communication platform Web for Purchasing Groups.

Interoperability with more than 1500 hospital suppliers, with GEF and dematerialization Platforms

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 Functional scope :

  • Our core product is the Epicure+ software to manage consultations from A to Z, from the preparation of the allotment to the result and on any type of buying segment
  • Epicure complements Cerbere+ module offers interoperability with over 1500 suppliers hospital
  • Around this revolves EpicureWeb , service platform for purchasing groups , allowing full link ( data communication) between 1 coordinator equipped with Epicure+ and its members ( not fitted )
  • Covering the same functional scope eEpicure ‘s cloud management solution procurement and purchasing groups

Références :

  • Pharmatic is present through its solutions in more than 800 Hospitaller Centres with over 150 bases ” Epicure”, installed in various departments : Pharmacy, Business Service , Cell Market , Shopping, Food , Computers .
  • Regional Purchasing Groups 29 purchasing groups : 32 Coordinators et 73 members.
  • RESAH Ile de France12 Coordinatorss et 67 members.
  • National purchasing group GCS UNIHA10 Coordinators et 63 members.

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