Management consultations and purchasing groups from A to Z Mode Cloud



  • Next update : V 1.1 – Expected end of March
  • Last updtae : V 1.0 – August 2015

Moe information about updates

Functional scope

eEpicure covers the same functional scope than Epicure+, Cerbere+ and EpicureWeb

Functional rights are specific to the connection profile member or coordinator

  • Consultation Form
  • Allottment
  • Quantification
  • Publication DCE et .cmp
  • Automatic integration supply (or input)
  • Scoring criteria
  • Ranking
  • Attribution
  • Fence / Renewal


Mobility, Resources sharing, Centralization, Informatical means saving, Time saving due to the interoperability supliers and GEF, Facility of Communication and data exchange between coordonnitors and members